Now there’s no excuse not to wear a mask.

Many people have complained that physical activities and masks do not mesh. But Dr. Tom Lawton from the Bradford Royal Infirmary in Yorkshire, England, ran 22 miles while wearing a face mask to prove that it can be done.

The doctor originally got the idea after reading what mask skeptics had posted online about how masks constricted breathing. He wanted to show the world that masks don't actually impair oxygen levels and are safe to use while exercising. 

"One particular tweet broke me," Lawton said. "It was from someone that was not a medical doctor, showing a pair of pictures and said masks are dangerous, don't wear them. I had to come up with a way to demonstrate just how safe they are."

So, Dr. Lawton put on his face mask and headed out for an eight-mile run, all while monitoring his oxygen levels with a medical device called a pulse oximeter. According to the doctor, any oximeter reading above 95 percent is considered normal, and Lawton reported that during his run, his oxygen level never fell below 98 percent.

After his run, Lawton's friend challenged him to keep going. So, he set out for another 14 miles after work that day. According to Lawton, he barely noticed the mask during the first 30 minutes of his run, but the humidity and sweat eventually made it uncomfortable. However, despite the sweat and tears, Lawton never felt as through his breathing was restricted and his oxygen levels still never dropped below 98 percent. 

"I absolutely know it is safe to wear a mask," Lawton said. "If I can run with a mask, you should be able to wear one in the shops. That's the key thing and that's how the mask is going to help against coronavirus. I hope people understand that wearing a mask is not dangerous."

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