You can still be proactive in your health without going to the gym.

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it's that the gym isn't the only place where you can shed some pounds. Thankfully, fitness centers all over the country are opening back up—albeit with a few restrictions on capacity. For those days where you can't get your lift on, you can still be proactive in staying active.

With the right mindset, your gym can be anywhere you are; be it work, school, or even in church (singing burns calories!). If you're trying to figure out how you can increase your calorie-crushing throughout the day, below are some tips that'll inspire you to change your habits!

Skip the Elevator, Take the Stairs

Sure, it'll take you longer to get in the office, but eschewing a cramped elevator in favor of quiet, empty stairwells is a great way to be with your thoughts while you burn off breakfast.

Park Further Away from the Building

Work, doctor's office, fabric store, or wherever you're going, park as far away as you feel comfortable to get a good amount of steps in before walking in the door.

Keep Resistance Bands Close

Thin but powerful, resistance bands provide exercise on the go. You can easily and effectively work your arms and legs in a few spare minutes throughout your day or get moving on your lunch break.

Use Commercial Breaks to Get Moving 

Squats, sit-ups, glute bridges, or whatever exercise you choose, get off the couch and perform these exercises during the commercial breaks of your favorite TV show. 

Clean Your Home

Set a timer for 30 minutes a day and find something to clean. Whether it's scrubbing the toilet, bleaching your countertops, mopping the floor, or wiping down windows, you can burn up to 80 calories and have a house that's always immaculate.

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