... and all party out back when it comes to raising money.

Dear, athletes, rock stars, time travelers, general badasses, and those with long hair looking for a tsunami of attention from the opposite (or same) sex—Do you f&@#in’ love mullets? Yeah, we thought so. Well, good news: we’re bringin' 'em back, only this time, in the name of something near and dear to our hearts—breasts. Get it?

Okay, okay. Jokes set aside, here’s the business upfront, people: Introducing "Mullets for Melons", a cause where we're willing to take our beautiful, luscious, conditioned locks and mutilate them into the greatest hairstyle of all time—the mullet—all to fight breast cancer.

Because f*#% cancer—and life’s too short not to have a mullet. 

Since it's October, all proceeds will go to the National Breast Cancer Coalition, and we highly, highly encourage you to liberate yourself by joining us.

So, if you needed an excuse (which mullets never do), here’s a damn good one. Go ahead, lose the man bun, and tell your boss, your coworkers, your significant other, and your mom that you’re doing it for a good cause, because you are. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you though, the mullet isn’t just a hairstyle—it’s a lifestyle. 

To donate, participate, and party with us purchase some merch and follow us on OCN, Instagram, and Facebook where you can vote on the particular species of mullets, as well as share your own groovy-ness.