One mom's Facebook post about autism and Halloween goes viral.

As people across the country race to get ready for Halloween, one mom has taken to social media to help make this year’s night of candy fueled fun enjoyable for kids of all walks of life. Omairis Taylor is busy preparing her 3-year-old son for the big night. Taylor’s son is autistic and nonverbal, and Halloween can be a difficult time for him. 

Last year, her son was expected to say "trick-or-treat" to get the candy, but she found herself repeatedly explaining to people what was happening, making for a stressful experience for both.

This year, Taylor is taking a proactive step and shared her story as a public Facebook post to help her son, who will be using a blue pumpkin bucket to collect candy and to let others know ahead of time about his autism, as well as spread the word to promote awareness of kids with autism. The post has since gone viral, being shared 123,000 times in just three days.

Many folks have grown accustomed to seeing teal pumpkins, which signify that the person carrying it has a food allergy. The blue pumpkin for autism is not as well known, nor is it an official movement—though it has taken on plenty of support in recent years. Blue is a color that has been associated with autism for a long time and represents calmness and a feeling of acceptance in the world.

The bottom line is, ALL kids should be able to enjoy Halloween and using the pumpkins to communicate special needs or concerns is a peaceful and positive way to tackle the issue.

What do you think about all this colorful pumpkin bucket business? Had you heard of the blue or teal pumpkin movements before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We hope you and your kiddos have a fun and safe Halloween!