Facebook group strives to match health care workers with empty RVs so they have a place to rest in isolation after their shifts.

Two moms from Texas have teamed up to organize an effort to get doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers RVs to use as a place to isolate in after they get off their hospital shifts.

The effort started after Emily Phillips, whose husband is an ER doctor in Celine, Texas, posted on Facebook in the hopes of finding an RV for her husband to borrow. She was worried about the exposure to herself and her kids, especially her young baby. She described herself as being a nervous wreck, worried every time he came home that they would be exposed.

It was not long after Phillips posted the request that another mother from Texas, Holly Haggard, responded with an offer of an RV to use. The two connected and realized the need was much greater and wider than they'd originally thought. So, they created RVs 4 MDs and began working to connect other medical workers with the vehicles.

The response has been huge, with requests for RVs coming in every day—people from all over the place have also offered to help and lend their camper trailers, RVs of all sizes, and pop-up campers, all free of charge to be used by those fighting on the front lines of this health crisis.

The posts are both heartbreaking and inspiring. People are sharing that their spouses are sleeping on patios, in tents, or in the garage to avoid putting their families at risk.

The effort is being run on a volunteer basis for now as Phillips works on getting a full team assembled to build a website and make it an official organization. She has already retained legal help and is hoping to get insurance soon, as well as an IT team to help with the website. More volunteers are needed as the effort grows.

If you can help, you are asked to go to the Facebook page and follow the instructions there to post your RV. Those in need of an RV can fill out this form.

The group is working hard to match everyone who asks as quickly as they can, however, it will take some time, so please be patient as they are receiving a large volume of responses.

This is a wonderful example of the desire to help others and drive to make the world better that we need now, more than ever. Let us know of any other ways to help in the comments.