Flu season is just around the corner. Get your flu vaccine without ever having to leave your car.

As the colder seasons arrive, Denverites may worry about the arrival of the flu season during a pandemic of an airborne virus. However, people can at least cross off one worry of their list if they take the flu vaccine—and Safeway is making it easier than ever.

Some Safeway locations in the Denver metro area have already begun drive-thru flu shot clinics on Wednesday, September 9. In order to follow social distancing guidelines, the clinics can give people the flu vaccine without them leaving their cars.

The drive-thru method gives people more security in getting the flu shot without risking exposure to coronavirus.

Health experts are concerned that because of the coronavirus pandemic, people will stay away from the doctor's office and, as a result, miss getting the flu shot. With drive-thru services like Safeway's, hospitals might avoid a surge in visits, and the risk of double exposure—to coronavirus and influenza—might decrease.

“We don’t want to overwhelm our healthcare systems with COVID and potentially flu cases,” said Director of Pharmacy Operations for Safeway Nikki Price in an interview with CBS.

Additionally, the flu, while harmless to some, could be dangerous for others. While most people who get the flu recover, it could be deadly for people with respiratory illnesses or other health conditions. Health experts insist that by getting vaccinated, people can protect themselves and others.

Safeway's drive-thru service is simple. Customers can drive up to the designated location, speak to a pharmacist, and fill out the paperwork. Once that is done, they can receive the flu shot on the spot.

The drive-thru clinics will be in these Safeway locations, operating from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., every Wednesday until September 30:

  • Safeway – 6460 E. Yale, Denver CO 80222
  • Safeway – 3800 W. 44th Avenue, Denver CO 80211
  • Safeway – 2150 S. Downing, Denver CO 80210
  • Safeway – 9229 E. Lincoln Avenue, Lone Tree CO 80124

Additionally, King Soopers is offering a similar service. You can find out more information on booking an appointment here.

For additional information on Safeway's drive-thru flu shot services, click here.