Experts discover what exactly is the key to increasing your pet's longevity.

Saying goodbye to your furry friend is arguably one of the most difficult things to do. You and your pup have an indescribable bond that can't be replaced. Most large dogs live anywhere from 10 to 13 years, while smaller dogs live a little longer. While this is not as long as we'd like, studies show that there are certain measures you can take as an owner to ensure your pet's longevity. Dr. Elizabeth Murphy, the Indianapolis-based author of “How to Age-Proof Your Dog,” states:
We are the key to their longevity. So we should strive to be near them, and find things that they enjoy, that we enjoy doing. Doing things together will be healthier for the dog, and it’s also better for you.”
Your pup is just like you in the sense that they need regular check ups too. They might appear to be fine, but that always isn't the case. If disease is caught early on, your pup's chance of survival increases dramatically. Regular check ups, along with these 4 points, will ensure your pet's longevity:

1. Brush their teeth.

pet's longevity According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, you should have your dog's teeth cleaned at least once a year.  Dental problems can cause serious diseases such as heart disease and kidney disease, so it is very important that you monitor your dog's teeth. In between yearly cleanings, it is suggested that you regularly brush your pet's teeth.

2. Play games.

pet's longevity Yes, play. All dogs love to play and so should you! Ensuring your pet receives enough exercise is crucial to their overall health. Experts say to find an activity that you and your pup both enjoy and do it regularly.

3. Keep them lean.

pet's longevity When your pup holds unwanted extra pounds, it can also shed years off of their life. Similarly to humans, pups need to be in good shape as well. You, as the owner, need to control how much your dog eats.

4. Show them love.

pet's longevity By constantly showing your pup love, you can increase their longevity. Dogs are pack animals, so they enjoy being around you and going places with you. I think we can all agree that dogs provide just as much company for us!  

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