Keep believ'in in others for 2021.

We need each other. We thrive when others are speaking truth into our lives and encouraging us along. Let's all come together and build one another up as we start the new year. Whether young or not-so-young, we all need to hear the words, "I believe in you."

We interact daily with family, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors. Everyone needs their buckets filled ... with positivity. Knowing someone believes in you feels really good inside, gives you newfound confidence, and helps you take the next step. Here's five ways to let that special someone know:

Ask Questions

We all like to talk about ourselves, but take the time to be genuinely interested in the other person. Ask engaging questions to find out what they are interested in, working on, and struggling to accomplish. Enjoy learning from this person and dig deeper; let the person share his expertise on the subject.

Be Present

Especially after a setback, we need to hear, "I believe in you." We've all been there and it makes a huge difference when someone is with us in the regret, the pain, the cleanup. Your presence will be a welcomed change from loneliness and discouragement. 

Purchase Products and Sign Up for Newsletters

You might have a friend who owns their own business or leads a nonprofit. Be intentional to shop at their stores, engage in communication, and participate in their causes. Actively take part in their efforts as a sign of encouragement.

Find Ways to Celebrate

Let your creative juices flow as you find a fitting way to celebrate an accomplishment (big or small). Print a certificate, treat to dinner, or make a public announcement to not only show you noticed the effort, but also to encourage your friend to keep going.

Say the Words

Don't underestimate the power of simply saying the words, "I believe in you." It means a great deal when you take the time to speak into the life of someone else. If you're able to be in person, be intentional to look the person directly in the eyes while saying the words.

How have you said, "I believe in you!" to someone today? Share in the comments below.