Whether you're headed for the slopes or working outside, keeping warm is very important to ward off sickness this fall and winter. Here are some gadgets that can help.

1. Zippo Hand Warmer ($13.07)

These little heat sources run on liquid fuel or lighter fluid and will keep your fingers toasty for up to 12 hours. Small enough to fit in a pocket, these would be great for people who work outdoors all day.

Zippo hand warmer

Courtesy of REI

2. Grabber Toe Warmers ($4.99)

Simply stick these to your socks and enjoy the warmth inside your boots. These low-tech toe warmers will do the job for up to six hours and are relatively inexpensive.

toe warmers

Courtesy of REI

3. Sharper Image Universal Coat Warmer ($109)

The innovative design of this battery-operated warming unit allows you to use it in any garment. You simply attach the velcro to the inside of your coat and install the heating pad and power source. Genius!

Sharper Image, coat warmer

Courtesy of Sharper Image

4. Eddie Bauer Rechargeable Hand Warmer ($30)

This electric version of a portable hand warmer comes with a handy USB-compatible charger. It lasts up to three hours to keep your fingers snug in your pockets.

Eddie Bauer hand warmer

Courtesy of Eddie Bauer

5. Sharper Image Heated Hood with Face Mask ($99.99)

Ideal for the coldest of temperatures, this ingenious hood will keep your face, neck, and head warm with its internal heating device. It has three heat settings and can be charged with a battery or compatible wall outlet plug. The skier in the family will love this!

face mask, Sharper Image

Courtesy of Sharper Image

Staying warm is the key to keeping colds at bay, so get one of these convenient gadgets before they all sell out. Your fingers and toes will thank you!

Do you have a favorite way of keeping warm while outdoors? Have you found an innovative device that does the trick? Let us know in the comments!