There's nothing worse than the afternoon snack slump. If you plan ahead, you can indulge healthier with these nine choices, all around 200 calories.

1. Smartfood Delight White Cheddar Popcorn

You can eat a whopping 3.5 cups of this lightly flavored popcorn for just 130 calories. Another great thing about popcorn is that it's a whole grain and contains about three grams of fiber to make you feel full.


Courtesy of Amazon

2. Grapes

Three cups of grapes run about 186 calories, but they're full of natural sugar so you'll need to space them out during the day. 


3. Almonds

You can have 38 almonds to hit that 200-calorie mark. Be careful with seasonings, though, and try them raw or plain-roasted at least once.


4. Saltines and Laughing Cow Cheese

Ten saltine crackers will be 130 calories, and two triangles of Laughing Cow Light will bring it up to 200 total. There's something very comforting about a smooth cheese spread on salty crackers for a midday snack.

laughing Cow

Courtesy of Walmart

5. Noosa Yogurt

Half of an 8-oz. container of the Noosa Blackberry Yogurt is just 135 calories, so you can even sprinkle on a little granola. One of the best things about this whole milk yogurt is the luxurious creamy texture -- so different than a skim milk or fat-free product.

noosa yogurt

Courtesy of Noosa

6. Beef Jerky

If you need a more toothsome snack, try prepared beef jerky like Jack Link's Teriyaki. Two ounces (approximately 2/3 of the bag) will be 160 calories. Try your hand at making your own at home in the oven for a lower sodium option.

beef jerky

Courtesy of Jack Links

7. Carrots and Hummus

You can have two full-sized carrots and three tablespoons of commercial hummus for about 135 calories, so crunch away! 


8. Starbucks Cappuccino

If you prefer to drink your snacks, a Grande Whole Milk Cappuccino at Starbucks has 140 calories. 


9. Watermelon

One cup of cubed watermelon is only 46 calories so you can have up to four cups of it! The best part about this particular snack is that it will help you hydrate, too!


The trick to snacks is to always have them on hand. A well-timed nibble can easily tide you over for hours so you don't overdo it at dinner. Check those labels, though, and make sure you're not munching on empty calories!

What are some of your favorite sensible snacks? Let us know in the comments below!