Sometimes, life throws just one too many lemons into your lap.

And when you look over to your neighbor and see nothing but lemonade, it can be hard not to fall victim to a little bitterness. When in doubt, always remember that even at your worst—in the throes of hardship—the one thing you can control is your responseAnd if you’re struggling to find the energy to get your life in order right now, consider giving these simple methods a try:

Feel How You Feel


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Just don’t do it standing still. You don’t need to give yourself a deadline to pull it together, but you shouldn’t neglect every other aspect of your life. If only we could make the rest of the world freeze until we were ready to lick our wounds and get out of bed, but unfortunately, reality won’t wait for us to catch up. On the bright side, your daily obligations can often be ideal distractions. Stay busy.

Get Some Perspective


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Those of us unfortunate enough to hit rock bottom are familiar with the awful feeling it leaves in your chest. However, more often than not, it could be worse. Perhaps at some point in the past, it has been. And despite how heavy your burdens felt back then, you made it out alive. You can make a full recovery this time, too. Things might look different and have a "new normal" when you come out the other side, but you'll adjust. The human spirit is hardy.

Make a Playlist


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It may not feel that productive, but when you begin to experience a wave of negativity, having a motivating playlist to keep you grounded may come in handy. After all, when you can’t count on yourself to stay positive, you’ll have your go-to tunes to act as a safety net, even on your worst days.



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Not just for the endorphins, but also for the satisfaction of accomplishing something you work hard for. When it feels like all you’re taking are losses, it’s good to start collecting minor victories. While other successes tend to develop over time, reserving just 30 minutes a day for a solid workout ensures you’ll be ending the day with a hard-earned accomplishment under your belt. Besides, have you ever heard of someone being worse off after making more time for exercise?

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? Let us know in the comments!