Feeling a lot of pent-up exasperation and emotions right now? Ever want to just scream to let it all out? Well, you can call the Just Scream hotline at 1-561-567-8431 and do just that.

The screams are recorded and uploaded to their website for others to hear online. People absolutely love it—and are recording more than just screams! Some folks have left messages of hope, while others have laughed hysterically. It's a safe place for you to simply let go, which is something, I think, we can all agree on.

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Screaming has been proven to have stress-relieving effects. In fact, primal screaming is a form of therapy that came about in the '70s, and it's exactly what you think; to release trauma by screaming as loud as one possibly can. The practice allows an individual to release anger, anxiety, and stress from past or present experiences. For some, it's a way to show their own power, and to be honest, screaming can kind of ... fun.

There are some other projects similar to The Just Scream hotline, like this one that releases recorded screams into the Icelandic Wilderness. Along with that, people around the globe began howling every night when the COVID-19 pandemic started—an event that is still continuing in some states.

Have you ever tried screaming to relieve stress and bad feelings? Will you start now that you're aware of The Just Scream hotline? Leave a comment below.