'Sock it to Me'

Local Durango restaurant, Seasons Rotisserie and Grill, is donating over-the-calf wool socks, ChapSticks, protein bars, and cotton bandanas to help outfit the firefighters fighting the 416 fire -- a blaze that's consumed 19,500 acres in southwestern Colorado and counting. In fact, officials have closed the San Juan National Forest until conditions have improved and the forest receives sufficient moisture.
That's why Seasons (on 764 Main Ave) will be accepting donations during business hours in what they're calling their 'Sock it to Me' drive for as long as there are is a need. “We learned from some retired firefighters that socks were a hugely important part of keeping their feet safe and dry,” Karen Barger, owner of Seasons, told The Durango Herald. Barger, along with her husband, Wayne, also serve on the Durango Fire Protection District board of directors. As of right now, they're not sure how many donations have been received but at least 50 pairs of socks were donated on June 6, and they'll be taking donations as long as there's a need for them. “We’ll take these donations and get them to the right places for as long as people are accepting them,” Barger said. “If we need to hold on to them, even if it’s for next year’s fire season, I’ll put them in a storage unit and I’ll get them ready for next year. Socks and bandanas don’t expire.” The drive is all part of a project the couple started last year when they teamed up with Alpine Bank to help assemble 'ready packs' for firefighters fighting the Lightner Creek Fire. So if you're planning a trip to Durango, stop in for a bite that'll knock your socks off.

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