Annapolis has a lot to offer when it comes to gyms.

Sometimes you just can't do your full workout at home. Maybe you don't have the right equipment, maybe you're tired of working out in the living room, maybe you're lonely. There are lots of reasons why gyms can be appealing options for fitness. Let's look at a few that are right here in town!

1. Pip Moyer Recreation Center

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Okay, I'm biased. I love this place. I used to live across the street from it, and it was so easy to just walk (or jog!) on over. Not to mention it has an indoor track so I was immediately in love. But the Pip Moyer Recreation Center offers some of the best prices around. (A local adult's one-year membership totals about $24/month. That's hard to beat!) Located next to Truxtun Park, the center offers classes, a weight room, and a separate cardio room, as well as the track. A big bonus for parents: the child care center downstairs has a lot of fun options. What kid wouldn't want to play in a ball pit?

2. 24-Hour Fitness

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If you have a crazy work schedule, but still have to get that workout in, 24-Hour Fitness is going to be your best bet -- It's open 24 hours a day (thank you, Captain Obvious!). This is a great option if you're looking for a gym that also has a pool. It's on the small side with only a few lanes, but the water is heated so you don't have to mentally prepare before you jump on in. Added bonus: The hot tub is also right there so you can soak any sore muscles. Not sure you're ready to commit? They offer a three-day membership so you can get a sense of the facility without contracts or breaking the bank.

3. Annapolis Athletic Club

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You can go on Yelp! and see that nearly everybody raves about this gym's cleanliness! Gyms can be breeding grounds for disease and fungus, so a clean workout and locker room space is a definite plus. Reported membership prices are around $80/month, which can be a little pricey. But considering that Annapolis Athletic Club has a large variety of group classes, values hygiene, and has all the weights and machines you could ask for, it might be worth it! The location is pretty great, too. Hop a couple doors down to grab a bagel from Ahh! Coffee, and your morning workout routine is complete!

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