Cars have character, and without them, the movies just aren't the same.

Just try to imagine James Bond driving a Hyundai Tucson, or a sensible Subaru Outback. It's almost inconceivable, although, that's probably what real MI-6 agents actually drive when they're keeping a low profile. But this is Hollywood we're talking about, meaning having a cool car is much more important, and not surprisingly, many of them are Fords. So, without further ado, we want to pass along what we think are the top five movie Fords of all time: 

Bullitt - 1968 Mustang Fastback 

What's often regarded as the best chase scene of all time, the 1968 Mustang Steve McQueen flogged around San Francisco is actually so iconic, the Smithsonian put it on display. 

American Graffiti - '32 Ford Coupe 

If apple pie could be a movie, it would be American Graffiti. Of course, this George Lucas classic was littered with cool cars, including a 1932 Ford Coupe -- the quintessential hot rod. 

Diamonds Are Forever - 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Bond in Vegas, in a Mustang, does it get any cooler? 

Gran Torino - 1972 Ford Gran Torino

Eastwood's second highest-grossing film of all time, Gran Torino, features none other than a beautiful Ford '72 Gran Torino that's coveted by both characters in the movie and the audience. 

Gone in 60 Seconds - 1971 Ford Mustang Sportsroof "Eleanor"  

Whether you're into the new movie or the old movie, both feature the elusive "Eleanor" Mustang, which any of us would be happy to drive. Fun fact: a total of 127 cars were either damaged or destroyed throughout the film. 

What are your thoughts? We know we missed a few (ahem, Mad Max), so if you have any to add let us know in the comments! 

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