Here's a list of dog-friendly activities you can do in Denver.

Denver residents are known for loving their pups and with such a dog-friendly city it's easy to take them out wherever their owner goes. Whether you want to go for a hike, a hotel, or to a brewery for happy hour, your furry friend can probably go with you.

For those of you who want to take full advantage of what Denver has to offer you and your scruffy family member, here is a list of awesome activities and places you can visit with your dog.

Camp Out

If you are an outdoors person, chances are you also enjoy camping. Take your dog out for a weekend to enjoy the tranquility and the scenic view. Cherry Creek Reservoir is a great option for anyone who wants to camp out in the city area. The campgrounds offer different tent sites and firewood for sale. It also has access to an off-leash dog area. Check our list campgrounds in Colorado that make for a great basecamp.

Go for a Stroll at a Dog Park

'Going for a walk' will take on a whole new meaning for your canine friend when you visit one of Denver's dog parks. Amongst the most popular off-leash parks include Stapleton Dog Park, which is sandy and features water fountains, and Kennedy Dog Park and Lowry Dog Park, located near the Lowry Air Force Base.

If your pup prefers going for a stroll without much dog attention public parks in Denver are also a great alternative, like Washington Park or Cheesman Park. We've also put together a list of parks that pack a punch for your pooches.

Visit a Brewery

Most breweries in Denver are dog-friendly and would be more than happy to welcome your pup while you enjoy a beer on tap. Breweries like Out Mutual Friend, Ratio Beer, and Cereberal Brewing are particularly good options because of they've got patios and sometimes fire pits at night. Luckily for you, you won't have to look far to find the best dog-friendly breweries in Denver because we've already done that for you.

Treat Your Pup to an Ice Cream

When has a dog ever refused a treat? Next time you and your dog go out for a walk, treat him to dog-friendly ice cream. Places like Good Times have a sweet doggy treat for your pooch called the Pawbender. The treat is made out of a scoop of vanilla custard and topped with three dog biscuits and peanut butter.

There are other sweet treats out on the market that you can buy at any local store. The Bear & the Rat came up with a frozen yogurt dog treat that will make your pet drool with anticipation. Whether it's banana and peanut butter or bacon flavor, you can find their product at any local supermarket.

Check in at a Fancy Hotel

There is a difference between hotels who allow you to check in your pet and those who want you to properly vacation with your pet. Denver hotels understand the difference and take it to the next level. The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch greet your dog with style, readying your hotel room with a Ritz-Carlton-insignia dog bed, water bowl and waste bags. They also allow your pet to enter The Great Room, a spacious lounging area with a stunning view of Beaver Creek.

Other hotels high up on the list of dog-friendly resorts are The Crawford Hotel and Grand Hyatt Denver Downtown. Also, check out this hotel in Aspen that has its own Bernese Mountain Dog that you can cuddle up with!


Pamper Your Dog

Sometimes, the pups require a little TLC in order to look and smell their best, especially in front of the other dogs at the park.

Heavenly Dog is the DIY of dog grooming where you can wash your own dog for a low cost. For the price of $18, you can shampoo and dry your dog with the best grooming equipment. There will be no being over the tub or mess back at home with features like elevated tubs, pressure sprayers, and hand dryers.

If the self-service dog wash isn't your style, you can also schedule a grooming appointment.

Get a Dog Cake, Just Because

Do you ever see extra cute dog baked goods and wonder where you can get them? Two Pals & A Pup specializes in all-natural, organic, freshly baked treats for your dog. With no added preservatives, these baked goodies are as safe as they get for your dog to enjoy. Walk in and order some pup-friendly cookies flavored with chicken liver or peanut butter. You can also order your pet a birthday bone or 'pupcake' for a special occasion or just because. Your dog may not know what's the cause for celebration but they will gobble it up regardless.

Are there any other fun doggie adventures in Denver that we missed on our list? Speak up in the comments below.