The zoos may be closed during COVID-19, but the animals are still doing their thing!

It's getting hard not to think about the things we would be doing had COVID-19 not showed up, especially with the warmer temperatures and the undeniable urge to go outdoors. Spring afternoons at the zoo have always been a perfect go-to weekend activity, especially with kids. Unfortunately, with the closures caused by COVID-19, this joy has also been taken from us. However, the good people at the Houston Zoo have setup webcams for animal lovers to watch creatures great and small go about their days inside their enclosures.

Like the flamingos!

flamingos at houston zoo

And the giraffe feeders!

giraffes at houston zoo

Don't forget the elephants!

elephants at houston zoo

There are plenty of other animal webcams to watch to your heart's content. Be sure to also check out the Houston Zoo's Instagram for more fun animal updates!

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