You can experience the "awe-inspiring, must-see winter phenomenon that brings fairy tales to life."

According to the Summit Daily, Dillon City Council members voted unanimously to bring back the iconic Ice Castles to Dillon, Colorado. This favorite winter experience has attracted thousands of visitors annually. Guests are invited to explore the entire castle-like structure, made entirely of ice, including hallways, furniture, and slides.

While Ice Castles are constructed in multiple states near natural water sources, the structures themselves require a large amount of water. According to the agreement with the City of Dillon, Ice Castles will pay for water at "a rate of $6.17 per thousand gallons."

Tickets range from $16.99 (weekdays) to $20.99 (weekends) for adults and $11.99 to $15.99 for children. When the event is open for the season, tickets can be purchased online. Tickets might be available on-site at higher rates and if the event is not sold out.

Dates have yet to be announced for the season.

It takes nearly two months and thousands of manhours to create 10,000 icicles. The icicles are harvested and artistically placed on the castle structure. The structure, then, is doused with water. With the freezing temperatures, the icicles are cemented in place. Ice Castles artists add colored LED lights throughout the structure to create an even more magical experience. Over the course of time, Mother Nature also adds her flair of artistry with wind, snow, and winter weather conditions.

Are you interested in the process? Ice Castles is looking for crew members to help build.

"The sculptures make visitors feel as if they’ve been transported to a Scandinavian winter palace. Professional ice artists hand-place thousands of icicles around the grounds. The sculptures, including frozen halls of ice, fountains, and icy furniture are then lit up with LED lights for a truly immersive experience, complete with slides and tunnels," according to the Town of Dillon.

As America's favorite frozen attraction, Ice Castles are also available in North Woodstock, NH, Midway, UT, and Lake Geneva, WI.

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