No doubt about it, The Sasquatch Outpost is one of Colorado's most unique destinations.

While there have been possible Bigfoot sightings throughout the state, there's one specific spot where you're sure to catch a glimpse. Welcome to The Sasquatch Outpost, where a treasure trove of bigfoot oddities await you.

Whether you're a hardcore believer or a bigfoot skeptic, a trip to the Sasquatch Outpost is sure to entertain. The store is packed with wacky decorations and brimming with zany energy. A full-scale sasquatch cutout beckons you inside where tree branches outline posters of close encounters with the elusive giant. A stroll through the store offers images of fossilized footprints and first-hand sightings.

sasquatch outpost colorado

Courtesy of The Sasquatch Outpost (Facebook)

The storefront hosts meetings to chat about sightings, stories, and theories with other enthusiasts. It also offers a plethora of outdoor gear for all your bigfoot hunting and camping needs, making it a perfect stop for your next trip to the mountains. 

Of course, if you visit, you'll need a souvenir. Every sasquatch item imaginable is located in the shop, including books, hats, t-shirts, coasters, stickers, mugs, and much, much more. Grab a sasquatch keychain for a white elephant gift or pick up a book for the bigfoot savant in your life.

For more information, visit The Sasquatch Outpost's website.

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