You can literally lose yourself in Harry Potter's face at this year's gigantic corn maze at Sunrise Farm in Gambrills. Every autumn, this Maryland farm creates a maize maze that is open to the public to wander.

Last year, the theme was Unicorn Dreams and—you guessed it!—the corn was cut into two frolicking unicorns. Not only are unicorns super in vogue right now, but also uniCORN. Get it?

Sunrise Farm corn maze

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This year the path of the maze will be cut into corridors, loops, and deadends that will display Harry flying by Hogwarts on his broomstick—whether it's the Nimbus 2000 or the Firebolt is unclear. The maze will be intricate and confusing (everything you want in a corn maze), but don't worry! There will be questions/clues that will guide you through the maze as well as a lookout tower with workers ready and willing to help you find your way out. You may even get a chance to meet the Chick-fil-A cow as he wanders through the corn, looking for his cow buddies!

corn maze

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Want to throw in an extra challenge? Visit the maze after dark during one of Sunrise Farm's Friday Night Lights events. You'll get a chance to walk the maze in the dark with only a flashlight, your wits, and the stars to help you. Never fear, though: Unlike the maze in the Tri-Wizards Tournament, Sunrise Farm will not be providing portkeys that will land you face-to-face with any dark wizards. Patrons are encouraged to dress up as Harry Potter characters, though, so the chances of you running into Lord Voldemort are still very high. Anything for the spirit of Halloween, Harry Potter, and a dollar off a corn dog.

Not into maize, mazes, or maize mazes? That's okay. Sunrise Farm will be offering lots of other activities this fall season. You, your friends, and your family can enjoy hayrides, pumpkins, a tower of tires, a petting zoo, and tons more. There will even be a butter-making station and, let's be real, everyone loves butter. 

The corn maze and other fall fun starts September 21 and runs through November 3. Hours of operation vary, so be sure to visit the website. The maze spans eight acres, which could mean hours of walking, so come well-rested. For all you maze wizards out there, you can fly through the correct course in about 30 minutes. Challenge accepted.

Will you be visiting Hogwarts at Sunrise Farm this fall? Let us know in the comments!