The highly-anticipated art exhibition opens this Friday.

After nearly four years of waiting, it's finally here! Meow Wolf's Convergence Station in Denver is set to take you on a journey, unlike anything you've experienced before, when it opens its doors this Friday, September 17. The Denver exhibit marks the third permanent art installation from New Mexico-based Meow Wolf.

Set in a 90,000-square-foot building, with more than 60,000 square feet devoted to exhibiting space, Meow Wolf Denver is located between the viaducts of I-25 and Colfax Avenue.

Tickets are on sale now. It costs $45 for general admission; $40 for children, seniors, and military; and $35 for Colorado residents.


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So, what exactly is Convergence Station? We're glad you asked! Here's everything you should know before you travel to the cosmos, and beyond:

As soon as you step up to the nondescript building in the middle of Denver, you really don't have a sense of what to expect. At least, that's how I was feeling prior to my journey. The only indications that you're in the right place are the signs that say "Meow Wolf" in colorful letters and the all-white "Convergence Station." However, that all changes when you enter through the doors and begin your adventure.

meow wolf denver
Courtesy of Our Community Now

The storyline weaved throughout the experience is: A cosmic event merged four worlds from different universes, and this caused the residents of said worlds to lose their memories. The Quantum Department of Transportation is put in place so visitors can move among them. The four worlds consist of an ice world, a lush alien forest, a cityscape, and catacombs.

In addition, if you want to become even more immersed in the storyline and world-building, you can try to solve the mysterious disappearance of four women, as well as the cause of the convergence.

meow wolf denver
Courtesy of Meow Wolf Denver (Facebook)

What else do you need to know before you visit Convergence Station?

  • The exhibit is acceptable for all ages.
  • There’s a café and a gift shop, each accessible from the foyer on the main floor.
  • An area on the main floor, called the Perplexiplex, will host music events and other private events.

Will you be stepping into the world of science-fiction and fantasy? Have you been to the original Meow Wolf in New Mexico? Comment below.