Peyton's favorite names are Poppy and Oskar ... which ones will you vote for?

The Denver Zoo is once again letting its fans name its newest additions! Two cubs, a female and male, were born to mom, Kamara, on April 23. Now, we get to choose what these cuties will be called!  

"Help us welcome Kamara’s two adorable new cubs—one boy and one girl—into our 'Colorado Pride' by giving them names with a distinct Centennial State flavor," said the zoo

And who could be better than announcing the naming contest for two Colorado lion cubs than our very own fan-favorite quarterback, Peyton Manning?!

You can go to the Denver Zoo website to vote on your favorite of three names for each cub. The zoo doesn't mention a deadline for when the voting period will end, but we think it'd be best to get your picks in as soon as possible!

Your options, courtesy of the Denver Zoo, for the female cub are: 

  1. Poppy: Local gardeners love the winecup, or “poppy mallow,” flower for its ability to thrive wherever it’s planted—we love this name because our little lion girl is equal parts vibrant bloom and squishy marshmallow.
  2. Araali: Araali (ah-RAH-lee) is the African god of thunder—this name combines Colorado’s famously stormy summer afternoons with our tradition of giving our cubs names that reflect their African origins.
  3. Esther: Estes Park adventurer Esther Burnell was the first woman to become a certified nature guide in the National Park System, right here in Estes Park, Colorado—a legacy that sets the perfect tone for our feisty little lady cub.

Your options for the male cub are: 

  1. Lincoln: The highest point in Park County, Mount Lincoln is one of Colorado’s most accessible fourteeners—just as the birth of Kamara’s cubs was a high point of Denver Zoo’s spring baby boom!
  2. Oskar: Coloradans love a hometown hero almost as much as they love a good beer. Oskar Blues Brewery, the inspiration for the name, was born in (wait for it) LYONS, Colorado, and is known for crafting beers as bold as our boy.
  3. Stout: Speaking of beer, stouts are known for what brewers call a “beautiful roundness” whilst still harboring a fair amount of “toasty complexity”—just like our perfect little lion man!

In addition, the cubs are out in their habitat and ready to greet their fans for the first time!

Are you ready to visit the cubs? What names do you like best? Let us know in the comments!