Don’t let Colorado’s unpredictable winter weather stop you from going out and enjoying the beauty it has to offer.

Lately, it seems that Colorado can’t make up its mind if it’s winter or spring. It can be 70 degrees and sunny one day, then 20 degrees and snowing the next. With the fluctuation of weather, many Coloradans, like myself, are not only frustrated but desperate to venture out in the warm weather even more so now that we've had a taste of the cold. But don’t let the cold weather stop you from having a good time. Enjoy these 9 year-round hikes, no matter the weather Colorado throws at us!

It's important to note that when hiking on any of the trails listed below, appropriate weather attire should be worn at all times.

*Please check each park's website for up-to-date COVID-19 restrictions and regulations prior to your visit.*

Red Rocks Park

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Located in Morrison, the Red Rocks Trail is great for a sunrise hike, a trail run, or even a challenging bike ride—overall, it's one of our favorite year-round hikes in Colorado. Take the 1.4-mile Trading Post, which loops around the amphitheater, as you check out the massive rock formations surrounding the popular venue. During the sunny days, it's recommended that you bring sunscreen and hats with you as there is no shade to protect you from the sun’s rays. Additional information and directions can be found here.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Keep an eye out for wild animals as you venture to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, located in Commerce City. You might spot a bison herd or even some bald eagles. This hike gives you a chance to dust off those binoculars and go exploring! The best times to view wildlife in the area are at dawn and at dusk. When viewing the various wildlife, please practice good wildlife viewing ethics by quietly observing the animals from a safe distance. Additional information on the hiking trails and wildlife viewing can be found here.

year-round hikes in colorado
South Valley Park | Courtesy of Shotzr, Photo by Geovanny Flores (@geovanny_2892)

South Valley Park

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Similar to Red Rocks, the South Valley Park features unique geological features. This trail is perfect for a snowy day! Journey on a 2-mile hike that has sweeping views of the valley and the rock formations peeking out from beneath the snow. For directions and additional information, please visit their website.

Star K Ranch

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Set out away from the Morrison Nature Center and take a journey on one of the park’s loops. Depending on where you get on and off the Sand Creek Greenway Trail, you can keep the hike short with a 1- to 2-mile loop or extend it up to 5 miles. Additional information can be found here.

Cub Lake

Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, this trail is one of the park’s lower elevation hikes. The 4.8-mile round-trip around Cub Lake allows you to hike through meadows and into a forested area. If the weather is clear, you’ll be greeted with magnificent views of the snow-covered peaks. There's a reason why we've included it on our list of year-round hikes in ColoradoFurther details can be found on the Rocky Mountain National Park’s website.

White Ranch Open Space Park

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

One of Jefferson County Open Space’s largest parks with 5,224 acres, the White Ranch Park puts you right in the middle of the wilderness. With plenty of loops to choose from, you can connect trails as you see fit. Enjoy the beauty of the abundant wildlife and the encompassing meadows and foothills. There are several campgrounds located in the park, each with large views of the Plains and Denver. For directions and maps, please visit their website.

year-round hikes in colorado
Mount Falcon Park | Courtesy of Shotzr, Photo by Brenden Kelly (@brendenkelly21)

Mount Falcon Park

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Enter a gateway from the plains to the mountains at Mount Falcon Park in Morrison, Colorado. The park offers panoramas that stretch from the snowy peaks to Red Rocks Park to Denver. The park also has a captivating history that will top off your experience perfectly. Go on the 1.7 mile Turkey Trot Trail and enjoy the breathtaking scenery before you. Additional information can be found here.

Herman Gulch

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Located north of Bakerville, Colorado, the trail extends over 6.5 miles and lies at the head of a broad valley just east of the Continental Divide. The trail follows through meadows, then branches off into a path to Herman Lake. For our more experienced hikers, this is one of the 9 year-round hikes in Colorado that can't be missed. More information can be found here.

Hall Ranch

Level of Difficulty: Difficult

If you’re looking for a good workout, look no further than the Bitterbrush Trail at Hall Ranch, near Lyons. Tackle a nearly 900-foot change in elevation along the 3.7-mile-long hike to the Nelson Loop, where you can take in great views of Longs Peak. It's recommended that when trekking the Bitterbrush trail you go horseback riding, as it is very strenuous. Visit the website for additional details.

Don’t let the crazy Colorado weather stop you from enjoying the beautiful and breathtaking scenery these year-round hikes have to offer. Did we miss any trails on our list? Let us know in the comments below.