See Charm City in this uniquely creepy way!

If you're trying to think of something different to do on your next trip to the city, then look no further. The Fell's Point Ghost Walk is back for the 2021 season and these guided walking tours are a great way to get your steps in. Not to mention, you'll learn quite a bit of the darker side of the region's history.

Yes, this is the tour company that made national news for a visitor's famous photo. Do you think this was a ghost?

New for this year, various health and safety guidelines have been put in place for staff and visitors. All tour participants must wear a face covering and maintain proper social distancing with people outside of their personal group. Tickets are just $14 per person, and you can buy them online here. Tours start at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

For the time being, the Fell's Point Ghost Walk meets up near the main entrance of Max's Taphouse, at 733 South Broadway. From there, your guided tour will take you to all of the creepiest, (probably) haunted spots around town. Expert tour guides will make sure you leave with a story or two to tell, that's for sure.

For more information about the Fell's Point Ghost Walk, or to get tickets, visit their website. You can also see photos from the tours and get updates by checking out their Facebook page.

Have you been on one of these Baltimore haunted tours? What did you think of it, scary enough, or just skip it? Let us know in the comments.