OCN Street Team Chats With the Drivers at Bandimere's Street Chaos

The OCN Street Team will be spending a lot of time down at the Bandimere track this summer! We've been dipping our toes in the car racing world (some more new than others), and finding our inner-Cole Trickle (Days of Thunder) or more like Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights). OK, it's not quite the same, but the track is long, the cars are loud, and speed is the objective. And the Street Chaos culture and community are very cool!

We hung out at Bandimere on Saturday, June 12, for the Street Chaos event, and got a chance to ask some of the drivers: Why are you racing today?


We visited Street Chaos at #bandimerespeedway to catch up with some drag racers hitting the track! #dragracing #streetracing #speed #racetrack

♬ Taking Care of Business - LA Thunder

Street Chaos takes the street racing off of the actual street and makes it legal and safe. This event is a chance for anyone and any car or motorcycle (domestic, import, truck, front- and rear-wheel drive) to "street race" with a rolling start down a quarter-mile of open road as fast as you can go (on average 130 mph).

Make sure to check out the Street Chaos event on September 11 where the June 12 winners will race to define their times and their titles. Whether you're on the race track or in the stands, a novice or a pro, it really is a great time with friends, family, and the OCN Street Team!

There's so much going on at the track this summer. Check out Bandimere's calendar of events, here

Have you been to Bandimere as a driver or bystander? Share your experience in the comments.