The Gas Buddy app is the unsung hero of the recent fuel shortages.

Days after the Colonial Pipeline hack and the start of the East Coast gas shortage, several states are still seeing scarcity at their gas stations. Everyone from news agencies to neighbors is recommending Gas Buddy, a simple app, to help find fuel.

During happier times, users find low gas prices on the map-based app. Lately, it's more about just finding gas, regardless of the cost.

All you have to do is go to or download the app on your phone. Create a login and start searching for gas near you. Filter your results by your desired octane level, and be sure to update the Gas Buddy listing if you're able to fill up. The success of the platform is due to user participation, after all.

The Colonial Pipeline is back up and running, but it may take many more days for things to get back to normal due to the current backup of fuel deliveries. In the meantime, give Gas Buddy a try to find active pumps near you. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Do you have Gas Buddy? What do you think of it as a cost-saving tool? Let us know if it's helpful in the comments.