Production of an all-electric Mazda MX-30 is now underway.

To meet the demand for more electric vehicle options, Mazda has begun production of the all-new, fully-electric Mazda MX-30.

This crossover-style automotive is of similar size to that of the CX-3 and is the first Japanese-made, all-electric powertrain. The MX-30 combines both style and substance with an ample-sized cabin, sleek exterior lines, and center-pillarless freestyle doors. The MX-30's North American release is planned for either late 2020 or early 2021, but the European market will get their hands on it in the fall of 2020.

electric mazda mx 30
Courtesy of Mazda Motor Corporation

The features of the new MX-30 include:

  • Mazda's new e-Skyactiv1 electric powertrain that combines a 143 horsepower front-wheel-drive system with a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery
  • 124-mile driving range
  • D/C quick charge goes from 0-80 percent in about 40 minutes

Mazda also declared that it's working on a range-extender version of the MX-30, which will pair its signature rotary engine with an electric motor to enhance driving range. With more automakers entering the electric vehicle market, it shows the changing tide of the automotive landscape. Getting serious about lowering carbon emissions and improving air quality is a responsibility for every industry, and it's a comfort to know that this eco-friendly initiative is gaining more and more traction as time goes on.