This is like the scene at the end of the credits.

I can officially say that I "stan" this eagle stuff more than I've ever stanned anything.

So remember how Justice disappeared (probably because Aaron Burrd attacked him to get at his lady) and then all these males were divebombing Liberty without even giving her time to mourn? And remember how we were all holding out hope that Justice would come back for his ladylove, especially since she was rejecting these boys like crazy? But then he didn't, so for the sake of her legacy, Liberty settled for M2? And I totally mean settled because while he seems nice and everything, she doesn't cuddle in that mansion-nest with him the way she did with Justice for the last 15 years. So in order to carry on with their new lives together, Liberty and M2 flew the coop, leaving behind some cold eggs and dark memories. Well, you will not believe the latest happenings. Which is why this is the perfect soap opera.


Justice returns

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*Cue triumphant music that quickly turns melancholy when he sees his nest is empty.*

We thought the season finale was Liberty and M2's night-long vigil culminating in taking flight for new horizons and then the dark follow-up for who is going to take over the mansion-nest in the future. But like any good, incredibly over-acted, overwrought soap, the show twists again. Justice comes back after all! Only he returns to find two lifeless eggs and no Liberty.

Where is the tearful reunion of two lost lovers? Where is the rage-filled vengeance?

Will Justice wait for Liberty's return? Will he spend the rest of his days fighting off newcomers to the nest? Will he go in search of Liberty, thirsty for M2's blood? Will Liberty hear of Justice's return and spurn M2? Or has she really moved on? 

All good questions that may still be answered in revived episodes to come. Honestly, I'm finding all of this a little hard to keep up with. Did M2 and Liberty leave the nest for good? Rumors of their reappearance have surfaced. You just never know with TV shows like this. Or, well, real life for that matter ...

Have you been following along with the Liberty and Justice drama? What are your theories? Weigh in below!

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