SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched the popular Netflix train wreck, but plan to, don't read this until you get through episode 2. 

Whoooo boy. If you tried to wade into the world that is Tiger King on Netflix, you likely came out of that shallow gene pool concerned for your own mental health. 

Let's just say, stay off meth, kids. 

Big cats, animal abuse, animal activists, drugs, egos, possible sex cults, pizza made from old Walmart meat (ugh), and crimes at every turn ... I mean, when the most normal person of everyone is the drug-dealer who people compare to Scarface's Tony Montana (and allegedly murdered an FBI agent), you've got a freaking circus on your hands.

But, few of the twists were potentially more game-changing than the reveal of the disappearance of the former millionaire husband of Big Cat Rescue CEO Carole Baskin. Did Jack "Don" Lewis disappear on his way to Costa Rica, did Carole smear him with "sardine oil" and feed him to her tigers (honestly, when all eyes are on you, you might not want to offer a reasonable explanation of how you can get Tigers to eat someone. Get it together, Carole!), was he jammed under a septic system as Joe Exotic seemed to think? 

That's what the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (Florida) is hoping to learn. In an effort to solve the disappearance, the sheriff's office is hoping the exposure that the situation got during the series will generate some leads. 

Lewis disappeared under some pretty shady circumstances in 1997, amid rumors that his marriage to Baskin had fallen apart. He and Baskin owned an animal park, and the speculation has run wild as to what really happened to him. The Netflix series looked into the disappearance, and it sure seems like everyone, except Carole, of course, thinks she offed him. 

What do you think? What happened to Don? If you have tips, don't tell us, tell the sheriff! But, otherwise, share your thoughts in the comments below. And check out our review of Tiger King (we have A LOT of thoughts)!