From the sci-fi suspense of Stranger Things to the nail-biting scenes of Orange Is the New Black, these are the Netflix shows that kept Americans glued to their couches in 2018. 

During a serious Netflix binge, have you ever sat and wondered, “What if my neighbor is watching this, too?” Thanks to High-Speed Internet, we now know which Netflix shows were the most popular in each state in 2018.

America’s favorite Netflix show was 13 Reasons Why

The Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why stole the hearts of viewers in seven states, including Connecticut, Illinois, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island. The second most-watched show went to The End of the F***ing World with a six-state following, including Arizona, Iowa, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. 

What’s even crazier? The District of Columbia had a 16-way tie. 

Viewers in Washington, D.C., are so in love with Netflix that they can’t decide what to watch next. According to High-Speed Internet, the state had a 16-way tie for its favorite show: 

  1. American Vandal
  2. Arrested Development 
  3. Black Mirror
  4. BoJack Horseman
  5. Dear White People
  6. GLOW
  7. House of Cards
  8. Jane the Virgin 
  9. Jessica Jones
  10. Mad Men
  11. Maniac
  12. Queer Eye
  13. Sense8
  14. The Crown
  15. The Good Place
  16. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Check out the list below for a state-by-state breakdown.

High-Speed Internet

Alabama – Riverdale
Alaska – Iron Fist
Arizona – The End of the F***ing World
Arkansas – Riverdale 
California – Jane the Virgin
Colorado – Stranger Things
Connecticut – 13 Reasons Why
Delaware – Iron Fist
Florida – Daredevil
Georgia – Luke Cage
Hawaii – Iron Fist 
Idaho – Stranger Things
Illinois – 13 Reasons Why
Indiana – The Defenders
Iowa – The End of the F***ing World
Kansas – Orange Is the New Black
Kentucky – Daredevil
Louisiana – Orange Is the New Black
Maine – The End of the F***ing World
Maryland – Luke Cage
Massachusetts – Peaky Blinders 

Michigan – Orange Is the New Black
Minnesota – Making a Murderer
Mississippi – 13 Reasons Why
Missouri – Ozark
Montana – Dark
Nebraska – Stranger Things
Nevada – The End of the F***ing World
New Hampshire – The End of the F***ing World
New Jersey – 13 Reasons Why
New Mexico – Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul
New York – Daredevil
North Carolina – 13 Reasons Why 
North Dakota – Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
Ohio – 13 Reasons Why
Oklahoma – Orange Is the New Black
Oregon – Disenchantment
Pennsylvania – Mindhunter
Rhode Island – 13 Reasons Why
South Carolina – The End of the F***ing World
South Dakota – Daredevil
Tennessee – House of Cards
Texas – Jane the Virgin
Utah – Stranger Things 
Vermont – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Virginia – Daredevil
Washington – Altered Carbon
DC – 16-way tie
West Virginia – Orange Is the New Black
Wisconsin – Making a Murderer
Wyoming – Lost in Space

What’s your favorite Netflix show? 

Do you agree with the breakdown? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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