Everyone together now: "You're killing me, Smalls!"

The Rockies invite you to a day and evening full of all the baseball you can handle.

On September 1, you can get the Movie Night at Coors Field package, which includes tickets to the Rockies versus Pittsburgh Pirates game at 1:10 p.m., and then stick around for a postgame viewing of the classic coming-of-age baseball flick, The Sandlot.


It's a fun event for families and friend groups alike. And, if the Rockies don't win (as has been known to happen this year, ugh. We still love you, Rox. We'll get 'em next year!), you can still laugh and reminisce about your childhood with pals or introduce your kids to the fan-favorite, feel-good movie.

"Your Ticket Package includes a Ticket to watch Rockies take on the Pirates, exclusive postgame field access to watch 'The Sandlot' on the Main Scoreboard, and a Rockies-themed blanket," says the Facebook event page

In addition to the movie, you can have a fun day out with the family and help out our struggling team. The Rockies need all the cheering on they can get this year, as they currently sit dead last in the NL West League at this point of the season. If you've given up on playoff dreams this year and are already looking forward to better things in next year's season, we've got the 2020 schedule for you

Fans on this year's Rockies record. via GIPHY

What: Movie Night at Coors Field - The Sandlot

Ticket Package includes:

  • A ticket to watch Rockies take on the Pirates
  • Exclusive postgame field access to watch The Sandlot on the Main Scoreboard!
  • A Rockies themed blanket

When: September 1, 1:10 p.m. (movie follows the game)
Where: Coors Field
Get tickets, Use Promo Code: MOVIE

Please note: Groups of 12 or more are asked to email GroupTix@Rockies.com for tickets. 

Will you be at Movie Night? How do you feel about the Rockies season this year? Sound off in the comments below.