Skip the shopping. Enjoy the scenery!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and Great Outdoors Colorado want you to get out and give thanks for all the wonderful open space and wilderness we are fortunate to have all around us with Fresh Air Friday. Step away from the shopping and reconnect with nature on Nov. 29.

"Colorado Parks & Wildlife encourages you to take some time this Thanksgiving weekend to explore the outdoors and make new memories with the people you love. Turn Black Friday into a blue-skies Friday, a green trees Friday, a white snow Friday… a Fresh Air Friday!" says the CPW.

The only thing you need to do is get yourself and your family outside at a state park you've always wanted to visit. Not only will you walk off the calories from Thanksgiving, but you will also be giving yourself a wonderful mind and body vacation from the stress of every day. 

"Every outdoor activity is the right way to celebrate Fresh Air Friday, whether exploring a state park, skiing in the high country, or playing a game of freeze tag in the backyard. Studies show that spending time outdoors - no matter the activity - can improve one’s ability to focus, decrease fatigue and even help improve short-term memory! So whatever activity you choose, get out and give thanks," CPW adds.

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Whether you are looking for a state park near you or want to hit the road to find one you've never visited before, CPW has some great info on the parks and organized events and hikes you can join.

CPW encourages anyone who gets out and about in our parks to share your outdoor adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using the hashtag #FreshAirFriday. And, of course, if you head outside, pay close attention to the weather. The snow from the storm earlier in the week, as well as snow that may fall on Friday, means that you will need to dress accordingly.

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