Eating dinner in a field has never been so fancy.

Inspired by the summer nights in southern Italy and fueled by Italian cuisine, chefs Paige and Gregorio have brought their alfresco dining experience and authentic recipes to Richmond, VA.

A husband and wife team, Paige and Gregorio prioritize locally sourced and organic ingredients from Woodside Farms as they cook their five-course Italian meal. Pairing each course with wine and moving around the grounds of Woodside you can enjoy open-air, fresh company, and a family-feel with a fancy vibe. Where else can you drink Prosecco while being served appetizers in an outdoor lounge?

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I think Paige and Gregorio's story fuels the family feel of the night. Paige finished her culinary arts studies in Italy where she met Gregorio, who had been learning the art of Italian cooking from his family at a young age. Neither could speak the other's language, but they connected in the kitchen and communicated through their passion for food. The two were inseparable as a culinary team, but also as life partners.

For Gregorio, the concepts of food and love are strongly linked. “You are showing people your love when you are making them a great meal," he said.

Now we're lucky enough to get to share in their passion from July 12-14, gathered around a family-style table in the middle of a field. View the full list of events here!

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Dinner in the Field started in 2014 and has continued each summer for a select few dates in May, June, and July. Tickets are not available at the event – they have to know how many to prepare this gorgeous meal for! You can, however, purchase tickets through Eventbrite. The price tag might look hefty ($210), but it is all-inclusive. That means you're paying for fresh food, perfectly paired wine, and the tip is included. All you have to do is go and relax from 7 to 10 p.m. 

This isn't just about the food, it's about the experience, but you should still take a look at their past menus to get your mouth ready and watering. Paige and Gregorio's Dinner in the Field has been so successful that they have now expanded to hosting a tour of Italy this September (um, yes, please!) so if you enjoy your dining experience in Virginia so much, start thinking about joining them overseas.

Have any questions or concerns? Paige and Gregorio are happy to accommodate! You may call or email using the contact info found on their site. The chefs really want to make this an inclusive experience, so please make sure to inform them of dietary restrictions ahead of time. This is family, after all!

Will you be dining as an adopted part of Paige and Gregorio's family this July? Let us know in the comments.