Come out and let loose by howling at the moon, every night at 8 p.m.

No, that was not a large pack of wolves you heard howling last night, nor was it your entire city turning into werewolves—well, that we know of, anyway.

There's a new trend popping up on Facebook the last few days, and it involves a nightly session of howling at the moon. If this sounds fun to you, you're not alone.

People in cities across America are heading into the streets, opening windows and doors, and wholeheartedly howling at the moon ... just because. While this may sound totally out there to some, the movement is growing at an accelerated rate as people jump on board and embrace the idea. (Besides, what else are you doing with all your free time at home?)

The idea behind this whole howling thing originated in Denver, Colorado, by a group of friends who decided to start the practice as a way to release some of the pent-up energy we've all been feeling. These friends have created a public Facebook group named “Go Outside and Howl at 8 pm”, and it has almost 210,000 members, at the time of this writing. And plenty more people are joining every day; we saw the membership number grow by several hundred in just a matter of minutes as we visited the group’s page.

This is a set activity every night of social distancing at 8 p.m. in whatever time zone you live in. The group says they have followers as far as Mexico, Brazil, and Switzerland!

Here’s how the group describes its nightly ritual:

What better time to howl than this time of isolation?

Every night at 8pm in your time zone, take a minute to step outside and let out a cathartic howl! We'll post up daily themes that may or may not be very, very, very important. INVITE YOUR PEEPS! Let's see how many people the world over we can get to howl in one night!

Feel free to share a video or picture with the hashtag #howlat8.

This is a wonderful community! Thanks for all the great posts and for inviting your friends!! 🥰

People are sharing photos, videos, and all sorts of great stories online. In fact, one woman had the police called on her, simply for howling in a field. Plenty of members report howling and getting howls back in response. The whole thing is pretty darn great, and you better believe we will be out there howling too! Next week just so happens to be a super pink moon (aka the closest point the moon will be to Earth all year), so it's the perfect night for howling up a storm.

What do you think about all this? Have you heard any howling in your neighborhood, or even howled yourself? Comment below.