On July 19, 2019, the Northwest Region for the National Police Canine Association is hosting a fundraiser for working service dog teams.

If you've ever seen a K9 unit at work, you've seen what hardcore discipline looks like. Dogs that can sniff out explosives or drugs or find a lost child are a true gift to any community and deserve assistance to continue their efforts. The law enforcement professionals involved in the National Police Canine Association provide training and certifications for Patrol, Drug, and Explosives Detection and Tracking units in order to support the needs of both canines and their human handlers. 

On Friday, July 19, the Lamar Street Center (5885 Lamar St.) in Arvada is hosting a fundraiser and silent auction to benefit the Northwest Region chapter of the NPCA.

police dog with handler

The Lamar Street Center is a private-venue car collection museum that is only open to the public four times a year, so come check out some amazing cars and support those who serve their communities with the help of working dogs.

If you are interested in this event or would like to learn more about them, please visit their website or Facebook page.

NPCA is a non-profit association dedicated to the training, development, and certification of law enforcement canine teams and their administrations.  NPCA strives to be the best resource for the professional canine unit. NPCA offers nationally accepted certifications throughout the year, across the United States. NPCA also provides regional and national canine training seminars. Our certifications offer realistic and attainable goals for today's working service dog team. NPCA promotes and assists in the utilization of police service dogs in prevention and detection of crime. NPCA has Trainers, Instructors, a Standards Committee and Board of Directors with vast canine experience in all canine related aspects.