Best watched with a furry friend at your side.

Disney+ is now available, and there's A TON of content to consume, from the classics that we all grew up with to new original shows and movies—including the new live-action version of the 1955 animated classic Lady and the Tramp.

So, if you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, we highly suggest you do so! Check out our review of Lady and the Tramp below.

Here's the Trailer:

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**Warning** Spoilers Ahead

What I Didn't Like

Some of the iconic songs from the 1955 animated film were cut short or changed completely to be more "catchier." In my opinion, this was the only major downfall of the film.

What I Did Like

Director Charlie Bean closely followed the original Lady and the Tramp storyline, but with some updates. One of the changes was that of the dogcatcher's character. In the 2019 movie, the dogcatcher is given a stronger character arc, with more lines and personality, whereas the 1955 version only saw him as the dogcatcher, and nothing more. This, in turn, impacted the Tramp's character and added a bit more depth to his backstory. We learn where the Tramp came from, what happened to him, and why he was living on the streets.

Tessa Thompson (Lady) and Justin Theroux (Tramp) also did a great job conveying a wide range of emotions with just their voices, leading to some heartbreaking and heartwarming moments throughout the film. One such instance is when Lady expressed her confusion about the new baby.

Overall, Lady and the Tramp was very well done and should be a must-watch on your list.

Final score: 10 out of 10

Have you watched the new live-action Lady and the Tramp? How does it compare to the original 1955 animated film? Tell us in the comments below, we want to know your thoughts!