Pleasant and sweet, but with no real substance is the best way to describe this latest original movie from Netflix.

Sometimes, you just want something that will make you laugh without thinking too hard about loopholes. If you can remember mullets and Whitesnake, then this will fit the bill. Sure, Thunder Force stars powerhouse actors like Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, but the paper-thin plot will have you guessing the ending about 20 minutes in.

That said, why do you need to unravel the plot anyway? Just go with it and enjoy the ride ... that Lambo-sponsored, low-slung ride. Laugh along as you see how middle-aged superheroes tackle fighting crime in Chicago. 

Somehow, Jason Bateman manages to steal our hearts and wonder just what it would be like to slow dance with a crab. Again, don't ask.

The soundtrack is a mixture of easily-recognized hits from at least three decades, as are the fashions. Do you still have that hair crimper? You may want to give it a whirl after watching this.

The next time you need to take a break for some mindless fun, look up Thunder Force, streaming now on Netflix. If you can, get some chicken tenders and crab legs first. You'll thank me later. 

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