Be thankful for local growers and farmers this Thanksgiving.

Instead of going to a traditional grocery store to prepare for Thanksgiving, consider supporting Colorado-based vendors to feed your hungry guests. We can all admit the holidays are a stressful time, but think of those who work hard to grow the vegetables and raise the meats we enjoy in abundance each year. When you shop local, you can be sure someone will be thankful for your investment. Not convinced to ditch the King Soopers Thanksgiving-prep melee yet? Give our list a look, and maybe you'll change your mind.

Buying Local Supports the Colorado Economy

If you've ever ventured out to Colorado's Eastern Plains or way out on the Western Slope, you will get a good look at who you are supporting. Keeping your food dollars in the state helps to sustain the next generation of farming. The more support farmers get, the less likely their land gets sold off to those who just want to build yet another resort.

Reasons to Shop Local This Thanksgiving

Buying Local Is Good for the Environment

Shopping local nearly halves the amount of US pollution that is caused by industrial waste. Buying local doesn't require the packaging and transportation that traditional grocery stores need in order to go through with each delivery. I think we can all agree that Denver's air quality could be a whole lot better and buying local is one way to help curb those nasty pollutants.

Your Ingredients Are at Peak Ripeness and Freshness 

Because locally-sourced goods are harvested when they're perfectly ready, your guests will remember your Thanksgiving as the best-tasting holiday meal they've ever had. On top of this, there are no preservatives going into your Turkey Day feast!

Remember, the Pilgrims Ate Local, and So Can You

Let's keep the tradition going, people!

Any other additional reasons you should shop local this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below.