Let's just say the tree won't be the only thing that's lit this year.

Socially distant fun, that is. The holidays are here, but obviously, many traditional family outings and activities are out of the picture this year. Luckily, for those of us over 21, we can add a little special sauce to our holiday cheer! Here are some ideas for holiday drinking games you can enjoy without getting too close to anyone.  OCN encourages you to celebrate responsibly!

Zany Zoom Calls

We will all undoubtedly be doing a lot of Zoom-ing this holiday season, so why not spice things up? Make a list of common phrases we all hear in our video calls, and every time one comes up, take a drink. Some examples include: "I can't hear you," "Can you hear me?," "I think you're muted," etc. Throw in some holiday-inspired phrases for an extra-festive feel.

Old People on Zoom Meme
Courtesy of Reddit

Hallmark Christmas Movie Marathon

Who doesn't love a comfortingly formulaic Christmas movie full of classic holiday moments? In this game, roll the cheesiest flicks you can find, then take a drink any time a Hallmark moment happens, like when a city slicker moves to a small town or the main characters are swept up in holiday romance. Another great thing about this game is that it could easily be adapted to enjoy with friends and family in other locations by simultaneously streaming the movie together over a video call. The full list of rules can be found HERE.

Hallmark Christmas Movies
Courtesy of Vogue

Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

This game can also easily be played virtually! If you are familiar with the original alphabet game, one group member establishes a theme, and then every player must state an item beginning with the next letter in the alphabet that belongs in that category. Once you have decided your group's order, go around the circle naming holiday-related gifts, songs, apparel, etc. If any player pauses too long or can't think of something, they must drink!

Santa Hat Shenanigans

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most fun! To play this game, hang a Santa hat on the corner of your TV and put on a holiday movie. Every time one of the actors on-screen "wears" it, drink! To increase the frequency of this occurrence, put a Santa hat on both the left corner and the right corner. Check out this tutorial for other ideas to make the game family-friendly.

Santa Hat Drinking Game
Courtesy of buzz.ie

Christmas Song Drinking Game

How well do you actually know your Christmas carols? In this game, you'll find out. Pick a song, and then every player sings a line on their turn. If someone messes up, they drink! This game can also be easily adapted for video calls.

How do you plan to make your own holiday fun this year? Any other fun holiday-themed drinking games you could play? Tell us in the comments below!