These restaurants show that eating clean can be delicious!

If you're on a health kick this year, a great way to satisfy your hunger and taste buds is to consider sitting down at one of these Denver-area organic eateries. 

Root Down

root down organic and sustainable menu
Image courtesy Root Down's Facebook page

This hip restaurant has a menu packed with organic, non-GMO items which have either been locally-sourced or attained from reputable farmers and growers. With a 4,000-square-foot garden where they grow 20 percent of their seasonal veggies, biodegradable cleaning products, sustainable food, and recycling practices, dietary needs of all types are met with a warm welcome. As an added bonus, they have a second location in Denver International Airport for travelers to get a quality meal.

Sazza Pizza + Salads

sazza organic and sustainable pizza and salad
Image courtesy Sazza's Facebook page

Speaking of sustainable, Sazza's menu of pizzas, soups, and salads consists of all locally-sourced ingredients, with full transparency of how they were attained. Their ingredients page dictates if an item is Certified Organic (USDA/European Certified), Purely Sourced (no herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones (rBGH & rBST), Non-GMO, Sustainably Grown, Free Range, Fair Trade, and Wild Caught. Aside from the food, the upcycled furnishings, cutlery, and even the staff tee shirts have all upheld Sazza's mission of a sustainable establishment. Their mantra, "At Sazza we don’t just make pizza and salads we make the planet a better place," holds strong at both their locations; one in Cherry Hills and the other in Stanley Marketplace.


fooducopia breakfast
Image courtesy Fooducopia's Facebook page

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this Wash Park restaurant owns a 26-acre farm and supports local growers to provide as much quality farm-to-table fare as they can. The imaginative menu (they had me at the Avocado, Bacon & Tomato Breakfast Sandwich) supplies a wide assortment of delicious dishes with these ingredients that certainly pleases palates of all types. For a friendly neighborhood restaurant, this is one place you know you'll always be happy to visit.

Vert Kitchen

vert kitchen chorizo sandwich
Image courtesy Vert Kitchen's Facebook page

West Wash Park's Vert Kitchen boasts a mission that states, "Our chefs are inspired by old world flavors, slow foods philosophy, and the passion and techniques of French cuisine. Everything is proudly handmade in-house using 100 percent organic produce, all-natural, sustainable meats and dairy, plus the finest pantry goods in Denver." Sporting a mouthwatering seasonal menu, a delightful cafe, and a bar stocked with natural wines, seasonal craft cocktails, and a rotating selection of beers, I'm just a wee bit disappointed that they aren't open 24 hours a day. Because I would live here if they let me.

The Kitchen

the kitchen denver salad
Image courtesy The Kitchen's Facebook page

LoDo's The Kitchen was co-founded by Kimbal Musk (Elon's brother) and clearly, innovation is in that family's genetics in both technology and in food. The Kitchen sources food from American farmers which has pumped millions of dollars each year into their local economies. Their menu sports a hearty all-American lineup of dishes that Denverites of all backgrounds can appreciate. 

Do you have a favorite organic restaurant in town? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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