Only 1,000 Denverites Will Get Access to These Perks

When you become a cardholder at Feast Locally, you'll get exclusive insider access and offers at the hottest locally-owned restaurants in town. Cardholders receive 20 percent off the total bill -- alcohol included -- at selected restaurants in the area each month, meaning you always have a new date night or foodie get-together spot waiting for you to visit. 

At just $80 for a six-month membership, you simply can't beat this deal. Aligned with famed local eateries such as Citizen Rail, The Kitchen, Dos Santos, and The Nickel, one can hope you jump at the chance to become a member as there are only 1,000 cards available for the public at a time. Membership is intentionally kept small in order to not overwhelm restaurants with a flood of customers. Each member receives a titanium card (treat it like your firstborn, as they don't do replacement cards!) which allows you to visit a particular restaurant as many times as you'd like, so long as it's within the featured month. 

This card gives you and up to three extra friends per table a valid excuse to go visit a new place and try new dishes -- for less! Every month, members receive four to five offers that no one, and I mean, no one can get anywhere else like discounted tickets to local food and beverage events. 

Feeling hungry? Visit Feast Locally and become a member ASAP and make sure you use promo code DENVERNOW to save $10!

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