Dollar Tree is joining the booze bandwagon by selling alcoholic beverages at its Family Dollar chain.

This week, Dollar Tree (the company that purchased Family Dollar in 2015) announced plans to sell alcohol in 1,000 Family Dollar locations across the nation. According to Mass Live, the company hopes booze will boost business for the struggling chain.

“We are simply providing customers with a convenient option to purchase adult beverage product while shopping for everyday needs at their neighborhood store,” Kayleigh Painter, investor and media relations manager for Dollar Tree, told The New York Times.

A boozy bargain or a bad idea?

While some consumers are excited about the change, others have their doubts.

“Family Dollar why are you selling alcohol in neighborhoods that are already infested with liquor stores,” Latisha White, who is a mother of six, wrote on the company’s Facebook page. “It’s basically damaging to the neighborhood,” White said in an interview. “I don’t really see a need to have that. You already have enough poison in the neighborhood.” 

According to The Times, White is a Family Dollar regular who’s worried about what selling alcohol might do to her neighborhood, which in her opinion, already has too many liquor stores.

“When I leave from my house to Family Dollar, which is probably a 10- or 15-minute walk, I pass by five liquor stores,” she continued. “I would say within five miles, it’s probably about 30 liquor stores. I just don’t understand the need.”

White isn't the only one who feels this way. There are more than a few Twitter users who agree that selling alcohol in Family Dollar isn't wise. 

Will you be popping in to take advantage of Family Dollar’s new deal on alcohol? Let us know in the comment section.