The Olympics are a time for us to come together as a nation as we cheer on our athletes. It's also a time for us to do what we Americans do best: drink.

The 2021 Summer Olympics are here! And in honor of this year's competition, we've put together the ultimate drinking game so you can have a little friendly competition of your own. So grab some of your closest friends and get ready to go for the gold!

Oh, and before the drinking begins, it'd probably be best if you had the Olympic schedule and Team USA roster. Okay, now, we can start!

drinking game olympics
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The Ultimate 2021 Summer Olympics Drinking Game:

Bronze Medal - Take 1 Drink If ...

  • A U.S. athlete has made three (or more) Olympic appearances
  • An athlete cries on the podium
  • An athlete's parents are shown
  • An athlete makes a statement by wearing something in support of a political cause
  • The real Olympic theme is played
  • A modern variation of the Olympic theme is played

Silver Medal - Take 2 Drinks If ...

  • An announcer mispronounces a foreign athlete's name
  • An NBC announcer invites you to "share a moment with the world"
  • An athlete is over 40 years old
  • An athlete is referred to as a "hometown hero"
  • Any mention that an athlete failed to qualify
  • The pandemic/coronavirus is mentioned

Gold Medal - Take 3 Drinks If ...

  • An athlete is under 18 years old
  • An NBC announcer promises to "get up close and personal" with an athlete
  • An athlete falls
  • Any mention of an athlete's inspiring story of overcoming adversity or family struggles
  • Any time "masks," "social distancing," "safety protocols," or another variety of COVID-related terms/phrases are mentioned

Are there any rules we should add? Also, how are you celebrating the 2021 Summer Olympics? Tell us in the comments below. And let the games (and drinking) begin!