“I got this DS as a birthday gift when I was 10 ..." 

Here's a lovely little story about Reddit user acollier25, who likes to hang out on subreddits related to lab work, video game collecting, and excellent video games like Silent Hill and Death Stranding. acollier25 bought a Nintendo DS Lite over the internet—the special gold edition emblazoned with the Triforce that came bundled with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. When the handheld gaming console arrived, a handwritten note from the seller was included:

nintendo ds

"Hey there! Thanks for buying :) I got this DS as a bday gift when I was 10. I had no idea who link or zelda were when I got is but I sure did by the end! and it travelled traveled with me for lots of long rides! I'm 23 now + hoping someone else gains the same enjoyment that I did. Happy gaming / collecting! (or reselling . . times are tough LOL!)  —Janie"

The note was deemed "wholesome" and acollier25 posted it to r/gaming. It got an absurd amount of awards (why are there so many Reddit awards and medals now? What's the Hugz award?) and some 111k upvotes. The post filled up with a thousand comments of the usual spread of jokes and anecdotes.


Image courtesy /r/gaming post.

One commenter natedog637 said, "My mom got me this DS when I was 11!! They only had so many per store and she waited for hours to get it. She’s gone now but it’s a wonderful memory I have. This DS is special. Enjoy!"

While it seems like acollier25 is a video game collector who might buy and sell, they plan on keeping this personal treasure. Another commenter, frenlyneiborhudteach, asked "So... how much are you selling it for?" to which acollier25 replied "She’s a keeper."

Do you have a gaming item you're attached to like this? Have you ever found something personal in a used game? Leave a comment!