Moving days are stressful, but knowing that you're covered for theft provides one less headache.

Starting over in a new place is always exciting, but all that goes into a moving day is far from a thrill ride. Paperwork, arranging movers, running out of packing tape, cleaning every nook and cranny to get your security deposit back—the list goes on. But once you're all unpacked and settled in, it doesn't take long to feel like the move was worth the effort. 

There's been no shortage of move-outs in the time of COVID-19, particularly with students who are being forced out of dormitories. For those about to rent a new place for the first time or are looking to store items, investing in an excellent renters insurance policy will pay off in more ways than one. Aside from protecting your possessions in your new residence, renters insurance also covers your belongings while in transit. There may be some limits, but this is far better than not having any insurance at all. The downside is that renters insurance doesn't cover accidental breakage, so be extra careful when moving any glassware or valuables. 

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Renters insurance may also have lower coverage limits for your personal effects if, say, they're stolen from a storage unit or from your car. Being expeditious about getting your items from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible will work out in your favor. Look closely at your policy to see how much coverage you have for this event and reach out to your insurance agent if you're worried about falling prey to this type of theft.

You can't put a price on peace of mind, especially when moving your entire life from one rental to another. Moving days are a hassle, but completely worth it—so long as you have insurance that has your back.