'Tis the season to be folly.

Let's get real: This year has been nothing but one big dumpster fire. The only thing, and I mean only thing, that's been keeping me going is Christmas. Sure, it's not for another two months, but Christmas is the only time I get to cover my apartment in twinkly lights, pick out and decorate a tree, cook a bunch of carb-filled food, and buy and wrap gifts for my family just because

That said, you can probably imagine how distraught I felt when I came across Hammacher Schlemmer's "half Christmas tree," also referred to as an "against-the-wall Christmas tree" or "semi-round" Christmas tree. (Sounds magical, right?) I mean, even Charilie Brown's tree had all of its branches. What's crazier is that Hammacher Schlemmer is charging a whopping $249 for the thing, which means people are actually paying more for half of a Christmas tree. 

Upon further investigation, I realized that this crazy tree trend isn't groundbreaking news. In fact, Amazon has been selling them for quite a while now (and for less, too). I even found an upside-down Christmas tree

What is a half Christmas tree? 

A "half Christmas tree" is exactly what it sounds like: A Christmas tree that's been torn in half. The end-goal here is to have a fully-decorated tree that takes up less space as it can be placed against the wall. The Hammacher Schlemmer model comes pre-strung with lights, so all you have to do is set it up. 

In fairness, it's actaully a pretty genious idea. I just hate the idea of not having a whole Christmas tree. When I was a kid, my parents used to take me and my sister to an actual Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree for the year. I've kept that tradition close to my heart, even as an adult. And while I live in a small apartment in Jersey, I'm still deadset on purchasing a live, whole Christmas tree. If I can't get a real one, I'll resort to ol' faithful. Either way, I will have an entire tree in this one-bedroom apartment. 

What do you think? Is saving space really worth killing the magic? Tell us in the comments!