Before we ring in the New Year without restraint, we must ask "How does one decorate for the holidays in 2020?"

When you think of the year 2020, what images come to mind? Toilet paper? Murder hornets? Masks? Political colors, animals, and a fly? The pandemic symbol? A computer screen?

Or how about a family snuggled together on the couch? Grandchildren playing tic-tac-toe on the window separating them from a beloved grandparent? Two friends playing a board game? Neighbors checking in on each other ... from a distance?

We've all had a rough, bizarre, and hard year like no other. (Notice I'm not using words and phrases no one wants to hear ever again.) Let's find ways to decorate our homes this holiday with 2020 in mind. Spoiler Alert: None of these ideas promote decorating with murder hornets. Whew!

Try These Ideas to Add a Little 2020 to Your Holiday Decor

Provide just the right amount of bling and glitter to your holiday tree this year. Create a tower of toilet paper (from the abundance you acquired this year) as a tree and add various ornaments just as you would a traditional holiday tree. (Amazon also has a Christmas Toilet Paper Ornament that would look great on that Christmas tree of yours.)

The Grinch foretold of things to come and truly encapsulates so much of 2020. You can include quotes from The Grinch in your holiday splendor.

Refresh the outside of your home with things you have around the house. Create a new wreath for your front door that is just perfect for 2020. Amazon has a lot of great items and accessories to deck out your wreath with!

And if you're not all that crafty, have no fear. These finds on Etsy will help you bring a whole new level of cheer to your holiday season. Who knew it would become normal to decorate with toilet paper?

And this clear ornament shouts "style" as it celebrates the year locked away at home.

Any family with a young one in the house will want to commemorate the first Christmas along with so many firsts of 2020.

How have you decorated for the holidays this year? Share more in the comments below.