Looking for a different way to decorate this year? Try these 10 not-so-traditional Christmas tree ideas.

It's finally time to decorate for Christmas, and there are a ton of creative and a little out-there ways people can spice up their holiday decorations. While many, in recent years, have opted for the upside-down tree or a half tree, there are several other options to choose from to make this year's tree stand out. We took a deep dive into what Amazon has to offer outside of the normal decorative tree and what we found was truly inspiring. Take a look below!

10 wacky Christmas trees on Amazon:

7ft Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbow Christmas tree

Price: $144.99
Description: "7-foot artificial tree is guaranteed to be an immediate eye-catcher in any setting, made with a colorful swirl design unlike any tree you've seen!"
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This one is a fantastic choice, and right now can be delivered within a few days of ordering. It has some stellar ratings, with people saying they loved the tree and that it brought their home joy.

6.5ft Black Christmas Tree

black Christmas tree

Price: $47.38
Description: "Add to the ambiance of your decor and enhance your home's Christmas spirit this holiday season with this beautiful Pre-Lit 6.5' Madison Pine Artificial Christmas Tree."
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Make it black! Add some Halloween flair to your Christmas this year with a black artificial tree.

8ft Birch Tree

birch Christmas tree

Price: $75.99
Description: "It brings nature's beauty into your home. The warm white LED light and natural white stems combine for the perfect accent in your yard, front door, or living room for a year round decor."
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The branches are bendable so this tree can be molded into exactly what you want! There are five different options to buy, starting at $59.99.

5ft Cactus Christmas Tree

cactus shaped Christmas tree

Price: $79.99
Description: "Unique cactus style design, which is different from the traditional Christmas tree. Very eye-catching, perfect for parties or as a special decoration indoors."
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It certainly is different and will give everyone at Christmas something to talk about besides politics and the pandemic.

5ft Christmas Palm Tree

Palm tree

Price: $48.99
Description: "Aloha Christmas: Shorter palm tree is perfect for tropical holidays in any room."  
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2020 has been so up in the air that if one wanted to create a tropical Christmas vibe in the living room, we say, why not? 

4ft Spiral Christmas Tree

spiral Christmas tree

Price: $69.99
Description: Spiral, pre-lit Christmas tree.
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This one will not take up a ton of room, is affordable, and just funky enough to take the holiday from dreary to cheery.

6ft Pop-Up Christmas Tree

pop-up Christmas tree

Price: $79.99
Description: "Tree with skirt design and decorated with colorful felt Christmas balls. 160 LEDs warm white lights at 6FT high, perfect indoor and outdoor Christmas party supplies."
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This tree is so easy to put up that it will only take a few minutes! Who doesn't love that?

11ft, 9in Wrought Iron Christmas Tree

wrought iron Christmas tree

Price: $199.95
Description: "Perfect for ornaments, picture frames, and other hanging trinkets.Great for the holidays and all year round."
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A wrought iron Christmas tree is not something one sees everywhere—it's a no-fuss way to decorate and be a little different. 

6ft Cherry Blossom Christmas Tree

cherry blossom tree

Price: $52.98
Description: "Excellent Decorations Plastic cherry blossom is perfect for Christmas decoration." 
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This tree is all sorts of pretty and will give such a mellow vibe to your holiday.

3ft, 10in Felt Christmas Tree

felt Christmas tree

Price: $15.69
Description: "Kids DIY Felt Christmas Tree is made of high quality felt fabric, more durable. No bad smells, so it’s harmless for kids. With the sturdy hanging strap on the top, this felt tree can be hung easily on any surface. Perfect for Christmas party, house, outdoor decoration."
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This one is intended for kids, but it could also make a space-saving stand-in for the tree this year. Just sayin'. It's 2020, you do you!

From traditional to abstract, do not be afraid to think a little outside the box this year. This holiday season will be as merry and bright as any other, no matter how one decorates.

What is your favorite way to decorate for the holidays and spice things up a little bit? Share your wacky and different Christmas tree ideas with us in the comments.