Get your kid on the trail with any of these rugged and reliable mountain bikes.

The great thing about getting kids involved in mountain biking is that it allows them to explore the world around them in ways traditional hiking trails can't. Not only is it excellent exercise, but it's also an excuse to spend weekends away from gadgets and screens in favor of facing the twists and turns of every dusty trail. When it comes to purchasing a mountain bike for a young biker, reliability, durability, and performance must all be taken into account when investing in this hobby.

We scoured the industry's leading bikes and below are the top five best mountain bikes that are best for kids.

1. Hasa 18 Speed Kids Mountain Bike

hasa 18 speed kids mountain bike

With rave reviews from parents for its value, ease of assembly, and performance on trails, it's no wonder that it deserves the top spot. For parents who are avid mountain bikers and want their kids to tackle the trail as well as they do, this is one bike you need to check out.

2. Cannondale Trail 24

cannondale trail 24 youth mountain bike

The lightweight alloy frame zips up and down hills seamlessly thanks in part due to the smooth suspension fork to absorb shock. The Kenda Small Block 8 tires are as ready for the trail as your child is. If you have eager youngsters who are prepared to make tracks, consider the Cannondale Trail 24.

3. Spawn Cycles Kotori 20"

spawn kotori 20 youth mountain bike

If your son or daughter loves to play in the dirt, get them on a Kotori and let the thick tires and rugged components work their magic. As an added bonus, there is only minimal assembly involved, so your active son or daughter will be out and on the trail lickety-split.

4. Cannondale Cujo 20

cannondale cujo 20 youth mountain bike

The Cujo is an excellent introductory bike for beginner mountain bikers. Riders will enjoy a secure grip on the handlebars and the large tires will make them feel at ease as they navigate the uneven and unpredictable surfaces of the trails. 

5. Diamondback Sync'r 24

diamondback sync'r youth mountain bike

Fearless young riders will appreciate the ruggedness of the Sync'r and its ability to put up a solid fight on uneven terrain. Its low-slung design and paunchy double wall tires with aggressive treads provide reliable traction that'll make any kid comfortable on the trail.

Part of Colorado living is taking in all the natural wonders this state has to offer. When you start a child young on a love of nature, you set healthy habits in motion as well as an adventurous spirit. 

Is there another youth mountain bike that deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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