Who came up with this business jargon anyway?

I don't know about you, but I think that it's time to put some corporate lingo to bed. 

When many of these phrases were first initiated, they carried weight and showed a changing tide in modern business, especially in the Digital Age. However, overuse by overzealous individuals has caused many of these terms to lose their luster and are now flung around in an effort to seem edgy and relevant.

It's 2019. Let's work on some new slang, shall we? Until then, let's encourage a fond farewell to ...

"Circle Back"

This is just a way of saying you know good and daggum well you're never going to touch on this subject again.

"Break Down Silos"

When you blur the lines between departments you only create more confusion when it comes to knowing who does what ... and who to blame when it all goes wrong.


Let's be real here, people who say "synergy" at work likely have no idea what it actually means. 

"Low-Hanging Fruit"

In other words, this task requires the least amount of effort and we should all jump on this to make it look like we're actually getting something done!


Oh lookit you, you go against the grain! You're a rebel! You go your own way! This is all good and fun until this adversarial mindset turns you into a one-man show and causes clients to be completely turned off by your attitude.

Are there any other corporate buzzwords that need to disappear? Let us know in the comments!

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